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Kjole - Ganni / Smykker - Jane Kønig

Heihei! Tenkte bare å tipse dere om (lol, blir så klein altså) at jeg har blitt intervjuet av iDeal Of Sweden Magazine! Der fikk jeg en haug med spørsmål som jeg har svart på, så tenkte jeg skulle dele et utsnitt med dere! Det er på engelsk, men det håper jeg går bra. Om du vil lese hele intervjuet, finner du det HER! Gøy var det i alle fall, og det er jo ingen hemmelighet at jeg elsker dekslene fra iDeal Of Sweden, og da er det jo veldig stas at de følger med meg også. 
Nedenfor finner dere et lite utvalg av spørsmålene jeg ble stilt:



Meet Norwegian influencer Ingrid B. Hegdahl. A 22 year old, Trondheim based girl with a sense of fashion to envy for days! We got to know this beauty at one of our events in Oslo earlier this year and have been following her ever since then. She is just as colourful and energising as she looks in her pictures and we can?t seem to get enough of her perfect ?simple-with-a-twist? style. The fact that she?s always wearing a smile (and the perfect make-up) is just the icing on the cake! This girls feed makes us happy! Read more and find links to her social channels below.


What would you say is your «Signature style»?
High heels, mom jeans and a white tee. Simple, yet stylish.

Who is your favourite designer?
I don?t have a favourite designer, but my favourite brands are Ganni and Holzweiler!

Who is your style icon?
I get a lot of inspiration from Janni Deler and Anniken Jørgensen

What is your favourite place on earth?

What is your favourite food?

If you had to leave your apartment quickly, what would you make sure to take with you?
My lipstick? Can?t go anywhere without it!

What is your «Go-to look»?
I wear a lot of wrap dresses, and love to style them with t-shirts, jeans, knit etc.


Why do you think fashion is important?
Fashion is a way to express yourself, and it?s a great way to challenge your creativity.

If you could go back in time, what fashion era would you like to live in?
The late 80s/early 90s!! Like Rachel in Friends, and Carrie in SATC.. Loved their outfits!

What did you want to become when you were a little girl?
A popstar, ofc!

What is your «guilty pleasure» when it comes to fashion?
White tees? I use them with everything!

Name a person (anyone) you would like to meet?
Ed Sheeran. He?s my spirit animal and likes ketchup just as much as I do. Haha!

What do you need right now?
A vacation..

What is your latest beauty buy?
The eyeshadow palette Perfect Filter from NYX. LOVE IT!

Your best style tips?
Less is more!

Resten av intervjuet finner dere HER!
Xx Ingrid

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Når kommer svar på «spør frisøren» del 2?:)


22.11.2017 kl.11:22

Anonym: Hei! Det kommer snaaart, jeg lover :-D Bare litt mye å gjøre om dagen, men fikser det i løpet av uken!

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